Our partnership with Coupa provides our joint customers with improved control and visibility in the procurement process.
The Coupa owned integration supports the requisition and invoice reconciliation processes, providing peace of mind with automated and more accurate tax determination.

How We Partner with Coupa

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Vertex Partnership

Partnership Benefits for Clients

When making purchases from any vendor for use within your business, it's critical to make sure that tax has been calculated correctly. Under-reporting and over-reporting tax makes your purchasing department's job much more complex. Fortunately, both scenarios can be avoided using Vertex Indirect Tax O Series along with Coupa developed tax integration.

Vertex Partner Integration

Invoice Reconciliation & More Accurate Tax Determination

Coupa makes calls to Vertex to make sure that the vendor charges the appropriate amount of tax on invoices. The integration between Vertex and Coupa provides two-way data flow and deeper transaction details.

Coupa's Tax Integration to Vertex

Vertex Partner Customer

Coupa Procurement

Connect Coupa Procurement to Vertex to manage the complexity your organisation faces with every invoice it pays to a supplier. The Coupa integration helps Vertex to calculate and report sales and consumer use tax.

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