Vertex Exemption Certificate Wizard

A self-service tool to create and submit audit-ready exemption certificates. Learn how the Vertex Exemption Certificate Wizard can save you time and money.
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Exemption certificate management is a labor-intensive part of sales tax compliance, especially for growing companies. Businesses understand the importance of handling exemption certificates end-to-end, but rarely do they have the time or staff to handle the process efficiently. As businesses grow and expand, manually handling exemption certificates is no longer a scalable option. 

What It Does

Our Exemption Certificate Wizard (ECW) is a self-service tool that lets your customers create and submit new certificates directly to Vertex Indirect Tax solutions. The tool guides your customer through a series of questions, then it identifies, creates, and submits a new audit-ready certificate directly to Vertex Indirect Tax solutions.


Straightforward Set Up & Maintenance

Setting up ECW is simple, no matter what your business scenario, processes, jurisdictions, and taxability may be.  ECW is a SaaS solution that can be deployed on your website or e-commerce platform.

Monthly data updates allow your team to maintain the latest exemption certificate rules and forms.

Integrates Directly with Your Vertex Solution

Exemption Certificate Wizard integrates seamlessly with Vertex O Series and Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax solutions so you can get started right away.

Simple, Clean User Interface

One of the best features of ECW is how easy it is to learn and use. As a self-service tool, ECW's clean user interface guides customers through a series of questions to create, sign, and submit the required certificate(s). 

Easy as 1-2-3

Identify. Create. Submit. Using ECW is a simple three-step process. Simply identify which certificate(s) are needed for the customer, populate the audit-ready certificate(s) and capture an electronic signature, and submit the certificate to your Vertex Indirect Tax solution.


Enabling the Exemption Certificate Wizard for your Vertex indirect tax solution saves money. Manually handling these certificates presents one of the most costly activities for tax teams.

Automating exemption certificates end-to-end eliminates the errors associated with manual processes. Equip your team with the confidence it needs to be audit-ready.

With automation, your tax team can focus on more strategic projects each month. Without that designated time for strategy, growing your business becomes more difficult.

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