Taxing Times for SaaS Businesses

A side-view of a tax professional sitting at her desk, looking at analytics on her computer. The woman is leaned forward in a casual interest of the information on her screen. The image is primarily composed of the blues, grays, and whites of her open-floor office space, with a glass wall behind her separating her workspace from another work room filled with computers set up similarly to her workspace.

If one thing is certain about tech bubbles, it’s that they can easily burst. Currently it is the global software as a service (SaaS) market’s turn to face this challenge. Despite immense growth during COVID, when businesses’ reliance on ‘available anywhere’ technology exploded, a potential recession and other market factors leave SaaS businesses scrutinising the ability of their operations to survive.

Factors such as a saturated market and challenging economic headwinds are threatening to bring an end to the SaaS ‘sugar rush’. Niall Kiernan of Vertex considers how businesses in this sector can prepare.

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