6 Reasons Retailers Need Tax Automation

From jurisdictional complexity to tax rule changes, learn how enterprise tax automation puts retailers in control of their growth.

A study of 46,000 shoppers depicted in the Harvard Business Review contains insights that delighted retailers with omnichannel capabilities while making their tax executives groan. The research found that customers who used multiple channels on their shopping journey spent significantly more every time they shopped, regardless of whether they purchased online, via their phone or in a store.

“The more channels customers use, the more valuable they are,” the study concluded.

The more channels customer use, however, the more data tax functions must track down, manage, and calculate.

In this white paper, we look at the six key factors retailers should consider when investing in tax automation.

A Tax Solution for Retail

Discover how retailers can turn challenge into opportunity, and unlock new growth potential through automating their tax processes.

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