Systax DFE

Automate the receipt, validation, and management of Accounts Payable e-invoices in Brazil to improve compliance.

Systax DFE and Vertex Inc.

Simplify and Improve e-invoice Compliance with Automation

Electronic tax documents, or e-invoices, are mandated for all companies operating in Brazil. Finding and validating the invoices, preventing invoice fraud, and keeping up with Brazil’s complex and evolving tax and technology environments can feel overwhelming when using a manual approach.

With a tax technology solution in place, businesses are empowered to tackle Brazil's tax maze with confidence.

Vertex Inc. Systax DFE for Brazil Tax Compliance

Why Systax DFE?

Use Systax DFE to automate the process to obtain, validate, manage and store the required e-invoices issued against your CNPJs (Brazilian company IDs). It helps your businesses to simplify and improve indirect tax processes and staff efficiency, reduce fraud and errors, and increase compliance.

Systax, a Vertex Inc. affiliate, is a tax intelligence company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Features, Benefits & Highlights

Improve process efficiency with automation.

Save time by automatically and securely capturing your inbound XML e-invoices for goods (NF-e) and services (NFS-e), instead of manually searching for them. The cloud-based application constantly scans all 27 state (and 1,000+ cities) invoice registration platforms across Brazil, downloading the registered e-invoices needed to stay compliant.

Capture e-invoices with ease.

The application allows you to capture inbound e-invoices for your purchases without generating the need to acknowledge the receipt of goods (manifestação do destinatário) until you are ready to validate them, either by transaction or batch via API.

Reduce risk and penalties, and validate your e-invoices more easily.

Systax DFE performs a two-way match between the registered invoice and the supplier invoice, cross-references data contained in the invoice XML and your bookkeeping, provides an exception list to follow-up on discrepancies, and allows you to extract a list of validated invoices to support your monthly VAT reporting process.

The application also contains an optional tax validation feature that allows you to verify invoice tax amount accuracy, using either Systax’s 20+ million tax rules or Vertex Indirect Tax O Series invoice validation procedures.

Support tax compliance for your business.

Use the included DOCS module to support compliance for your inbound services (NFS-e) e-invoices, since there is no national standard for files. A user-friendly workflow allows you to capture and manage your inbound NFS-e and create a standard XML file with an OCR assistant tool. DOCS can be easily integrated with your ERP to automate NFS-e entries.