How Graybar Improved Audit Defense with Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager

How Graybar Improved Audit Defense with Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager

Since the South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling completely transformed indirect tax as we know it, Graybar Electric realized it was time to have a main point-of-contact who knew all the rules and regulations and could handle tax exemption certificates seamlessly.

By centralizing the tax exemption certificate management process at Graybar and partnering with LCR-Dixon, Graybar came up with a solution that could streamline the certificate process, streamline the correction process for customers, and get the credits to the customers in a more timely manner.

Before its decision to centralize, Graybar was dealing with an error-prone process where 200+ people were handling exemption certificates throughout the country. This process wasn't allowing Graybar to reach its full potential.

Lauren Marks, Central Administration Manager at Graybar Electric, describes how Vertex Exemption Certificate Management reduced the number of people entering the certificates from around 277 to 25.


  • Better audit defense
  • Centralized location for exemption certificate storage
  • Consistent and accurate tax handling by hard-coding rates for certain customers
  • Timely uploading of exemption certificates

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