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Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing

What is Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing?

We offer an end-to-end solution for companies to outsource their monthly sales and use tax return processes and compliance in the United States and Canada. The service includes returns preparation, filing, payments, and notice management.

Offload the time-consuming, day-to-day administrative tasks to prepare, file, and remit sales and use tax returns – while staying in control of compliance.

Outsource monthly sales and use tax returns to stay compliant and scale with confidence.

Why Outsource Compliance?

Handling your month-end returns in-house is an administrative burden that is time-consuming and leaves room for error, which can put your business at risk. Your team is challenged to manage these burdensome compliance processes plus the other projects and tasks they must regularly complete.

In today's fast-changing landscape, companies need to re-focus their tax staff on more value-add work. Tax executives have reported that they could spend more time on reverse audits, tax research, and reporting when they outsource sales tax compliance.

Explore the Features, Benefits & Highlights

Offload returns preparation, filing, and payments.

We prepare the monthly returns from your tax data, file the returns, and handle payments to the jurisdictions, while still providing you with centralized transparency and reports.

Stay ahead with returns notice management.

We’ll resolve notices from the jurisdictions and post all communication for complete transparency.

Maintain control through our online portal.

Use a secure online portal to send us your tax data, review your prepared returns, view notifications, and streamline audit preparation.

Be audit-ready with robust archiving capabilities.

All your filed tax returns are archived and accessible for streamlined audit preparation.

Choose your level of service and support.

Choose a service that fits your business needs. We offer an automated, streamlined service providing simple returns generation, filing, and payment.

For more complex needs, we offer a personal one-to-one white-glove service, with a dedicated Tax Preparer that manages and supports the full range of your compliance needs including data manipulation, returns approval, payments, notice management, an individual bank account, and periodic account reviews.

Position your company strongly for future growth.

End-to-end compliance outsourcing with Vertex allows you to:

  • Re-focus your internal resources on higher-value activity
  • Streamline audit preparation
  • Offload administrative, day-to-day tax tasks
  • Regain critical resources typically drained by returns preparation


How does our white-glove sales & use tax returns outsourcing service work? Watch our 2-minute overview to find out.

Toyota switches to Vertex for more experienced staff

"The greatest strength of Vertex is that they're all tax professionals. They know how to prepare returns, they know how they should look. They speak the same language that we do in the tax department. "

Lisa Dominguez
Director, Sales and Property Tax, Toyota Financial Services

Tremco switches outsourcing providers to improve data integrity and gain confidence

"The decision came down to data quality, data integrity, and the quality of the tax returns. Plus, the ability of the staff to answer questions. "

Karen Pollard
Tax Manager, Tremco, Inc.

Outsourcing returns enables Air Liquide tax department to work smarter, not harder

"Of course we needed to find a provider who could handle our workload. But more importantly, we wanted to find a team we could count on. "

Chris Ackman
Compliance Lead, Air Liquide


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