Walmart Switches to Vertex for Limitless Growth

Walmart Generates Greater Marketplace Growth

In this video, we hear from Ben Wylie, Senior Director of Tax at Walmart, about his experience in choosing Vertex. Walmart was focused on finding a solution that could address the areas that were holding the organization back.

How Vertex Solutions Solved Walmart's Painpoints

E-Commerce Scalability: Walmart has one hundred million unique visits to its website each month. As this number continues to grow, our highly flexible and customizable solutions will be able to scale with Walmart not only today but well into the company’s future.

Tax Content: Due to the large number of SKUs at Walmart, Walmart needs robust and up-to-date tax content to address each unique product and tax scenario.

Support for a New Marketplace: As The Walmart Marketplace, a third-party selling platform, continues to expand, Walmart requires a tax solution that can support its growth.

Wylie knew it was time to switch to Vertex when his team discovered that the current provider would not be able to grow with Walmart. Today, it's a different story. "The growth is limitless" says Wylie. "We can add as many SKUs and as many sellers without having the scalability issues that we previously had."

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