Phone Support

System installations or updates? ERP migrations? Holidays and peak tax periods? Everyday operations? Make corporate tax compliance a nonevent with phone support from our award-winning support team.

Award-Winning Support

Vertex is the only tax technology provider to earn HDI Support Center Certification recognizing our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality.

Our rapid response support team earns exceptional customer satisfaction ratings year after year. In fact, we've achieved certification from HDI, the global leader in technology support standards. Learn more about what our HDI Certification means.

As of Q1 2020

94 percent avg customer satisfaction rating after a call to Vertex Support
92 percent of calls answered live within 1 minute or less

Standard Phone Support

Monday – Friday | 8:00 am-8:00 pm Eastern Time (excluding Vertex holidays)





  • Frankfurt: +49 69 50 506 0514
  • Amsterdam: +31 020 799 7451

Our Support Commitment

We understand the challenges you face as a tax professional. We don’t just provide tax software and move on. We take the time to understand your pain points and help you address them. If you call in for support, we'll listen to your questions carefully and provide answers competently and in a friendly, professional manner.

We do our best to ensure all calls during normal business hours are routed to a live, qualified support analyst. If our call volume is unusually high or you contact us through the Vertex Community, we'll strive to respond within two business hours. We assign severity levels based on the nature of the issue and its impact upon your business.

We often resolve issues immediately. However, if we're unable to immediately resolve the issue, we'll continue to work at it and provide you with periodic status updates in line with the severity of your issue. We're able to resolve the majority of issues on the same day as the initial call.

24x7 Phone Support

For an additional fee, we offer the availability of senior support professionals at any time, even outside standard support hours. Many companies find this option to be especially helpful during critical times such as system installation, system updates, ERP migrations, and during holidays and peak periods.

The 24x7 service gives you access to certified technical support analysts* who diagnose your issue. You can subscribe to 24x7 Support in increments from a single 24-hour period to a full year. Logon to the Vertex Community to submit a 24x7 service request.

24x7 Support is available for the following products:

  • Vertex Indirect Tax O Series
  • Vertex Sales Tax Q Series
  • Vertex Indirect Tax Returns - North America

* All on-duty analysts are trained and certified in Vertex corporate tax products and have at least two years of Vertex application support experience.

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