Exchange-Folge: Steuersysteme im Wandel – von dem globalen Template bis hin zur Live-Schaltung


During the onset of an SAP S/4HANA program, many companies identify the need to define a global template which is typically done to standardize processes, harmonize data, and document process-specific customizations.

Defining a global template for tax can support and ease multi-phase and multi-site rollouts while providing a baseline for important tax functions such as workflows, data maintenance, and reporting procedures.  

The key to ensuring that this early effort results in a successful rollout is identifying key technology partners, consideration of the right tax jurisdictions for the template, and staying flexible.

In this session, we discuss:

  • How Vertex solutions for SAP reduce risk in your SAP S/4HANA transformation
  • Which regimes should be considered during the early phase of the project from the US to Europe
  • The importance of flexibility and the difference between a static tax solution and an evolving one

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Vertex Exchange Europa 2021

In diesem Jahr haben wir Ihnen mit einer Kombination aus 6 interaktiven virtuellen Kurzveranstaltungen und 4 über das ganze Jahr verteilten Roadshows ein breites Programm angeboten, um Sie bei einer reibungslosen Steuerabwicklung zu unterstützen.

A group of coworkers gathered together discussing tax technology.