How LEGO Put the Pieces Together to Simplify Sales Tax

LEGO Group is a global toy manufacturer operating in over 140 countries with more than 17,000 employees. As you'll learn from Indirect Tax Manager Heather Villanueva, there are a many reasons why LEGO chose Vertex to handle indirect tax. In this video, Heather points out two of the key reasons.

E-Commerce Capabilities: Calculating sales tax correctly on every transaction is a top priority for LEGO, who aims at making every customer happy. It is critical that online shoppers get a frustration-free experience where sales tax is calculated correctly up-front.

Sales Tax Holidays: With Vertex, LEGO has an automated way of handling sales tax holidays throughout the year. Managing these sales tax holidays through the year was a headache until LEGO connected to Vertex to automate tax calculations automatically and consistently.

Benefits Achieved 

  • The Tax Operations team has more time for more strategic projects
  • Sales tax is calculated automatically and accurately on every online transaction

It's Time to Automate Transaction Tax

Every day, companies are transitioning from traditional, manual up-keep of sales tax to automation. Let us keep you compliant and free your organization from the burden of tax.

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