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Enhance and grow your trusted business advisor role for your clients.

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Since 2015, Vertex and have been partners on the Firm Advisor Program, designed to help firms support their clients through access to sales & use tax compliance automation, practice development resources, dedicated account management, and special pricing.

  • Ever-changing legislation around sales and use tax and the heightened risk of audits for small and mid-sized businesses has created big opportunities for CPAs to expand the trusted advisor role.
  • With the Sales Tax Automation Program, you can simply refer clients to the program, providing them the tools required to effectively manage sales and use tax, or you can leverage the solution in-firm to add another lucrative revenue stream. Either way presents yet another opportunity to further your client-accountant relationship.

To help you be successful with the Firm Advisor Program, we encourage you to explore our customizable letters, educational resources, short videos, and more!

The Advisor Program

  • Advisor Program

    This letter will help you to communicate your trusted business advisor role to your clients.

  • Quick Reference to Vertex Cloud Reporting

    This guide provides a brief overview along with the value of reporting available through Vertex Cloud.

  • Vertex Pricing Calculator

    Use this pricing calculator to help you determine pricing for your clients.

Working with Your Clients

  • Referral Program

    This letter will help you to communicate your trusted business advisor role to your clients.

  • Assess Exposure Up-Front with Sales and Use Tax Services

    Use our sales & use tax checklist to assess your clients' risk.

  • The Importance of Sales and Use Tax

    Define the impact of sales & use tax on your organization's compliance processes.

  • Why Vertex Email Template

    Use this email template for firms to send clients to help demonstrate the value of the accountants console.

  • Implementation Checklist

    Our useful guide provides a list of defined items and information needed to successfully implement a client.

Vertex Educational Resources

  • Vertex University

    Stay up to date on trending issues and recent developments in the state and local tax environment.

  • Vertex Community

    Find training resources, knowledge base articles, product updates, and networking opportunities.

Create a Vertex Community Account

Join the Vertex Community today! Use this PDF guide to help you create your own account in the Community.

Sales & Use Tax External Educational Resources

  • AICPA State and Local Tax Roadmap

    Stay up to date on the latest guidance and tools to address your state and local tax needs.

  • Sales Tax Institute Resources

    Keep up with sales & use tax. Access free training courses, whitepapers, and news updates from


CPA Client Registration Setup

Learn how to register clients in Vertex Cloud, the different types of client accounts available (Enrolled, Referred, and Shared Services), and manage levels of access to the client's account.

Returns Only Filing

Automate the returns process for your accounting business by preparing and processing sales & use tax returns with Vertex SMB.

Exemption Certificate Management

Prepare for audits before they arrive. Maintain up-to-date, accurate exemption certificates with Vertex SMB.

Unassigned Data Reports

Maximize compliance with minimal risk. Manage sales tax across jurisdictions and simplify tax calculations, returns, and remittance with Vertex SMB.

Understand Nexus, explore its tax compliance implications, and learn how to mitigate nexus risk with this on-demand webcast.

Learn about the sales & use tax landscape, address sales & use tax compliance proactively, and explore opportunities to minimize clients' exposure risk with this on-demand webcast.

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