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Why Include Vertex?

A 25+ year partnership built on trust and collaboration providing our joint customers with integrated global tax solutions and services that extend the value of their SAP solutions.

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Client Facing Email Template

Hi <First Name>

I hope this note finds you all well. I’m reaching out b/c I had a conversation with my partners at Vertex Inc. and we wanted to have a quick conversation around how you are determining Indirect Tax today and/or if you’re currently evaluating an Enterprise Tax Engine.

Quick overview of Vertex:

Vertex Inc. has been the Tax Software “Gold Standard” for SAP customers for 25+ years. SAP itself has been running Vertex for decades. Over the last 18 months, we've seen an increase in SAP customers moving to Vertex to take advantage of the tight integration with S4HANA, Ariba and Customer Experience.

Customers that can benefit from implementing Vertex include: 

  • Customers growing and native S4HANA tax capabilities or existing tax solution not scalable anymore
  • Business expanding; selling into new markets, new products, manufacturing in multiple cities, states, countries, added complexity
  • Finance \ Tax Department running an old tax software version. Newer version required to take advantage of SAP’s S4HANA capabilities and integration
  • IT moving to the cloud requires a tax solution in the cloud

Learn more about the SAP/Vertex partnership at

A great example of an organization benefiting by implementing Vertex is Ingram Micro. They were in a similar situation before implementing Vertex O Series. They received the following value with Vertex.

  • Time savings
  • Better compliance and audit processes
  • Standardized process with reduced maintenance costs
  • Self-service reporting capabilities
  • Ability to produce consistent tax results across multiple ERP systems

Here’s a link to other Vertex Customer Success Stories


As mentioned, we’d love to have a 30-minute introductory conversation with our tax engine partner, “Vertex”, on how they can support your tax determination needs.

Would you be available for a phone call next week? Are there others in your organization you’d like us to talk with?

Vertex Indirect Tax Determination for SAP ERP - Reliable, automated indirect tax determination on sales & purchase transactions

Look forward to hearing back and setting up time to discuss.


Enter your info for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!