Automate Tax in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Process

The Importance of Automating Tax in the P2P Process

Are your teams applying the correct sales, use, and VAT codes? Tax touches every part of the procurement process. Integrating a tax engine with your procurement system can remove this burden, improve processes, and help reduce audit risk.

Transforming tax with the P2P process is an opportunity for tax, procurement, and IT to align. Implementing a tax engine with your procurement process can enable optimisation of the tax and procurement functions, improve IT efficiency, and lower cost and risk across the enterprise.

Why add a tax engine for procurement?

Tax Challenges in Procure-to-Pay

◦ Increased Tax/IT effort required to maintain changing tax content
◦ Errors in tax coding decisions made by AP resulting in inefficiencies and audit risk
◦ Insufficient native tax functionality in ERP or procurement system
◦ Increasing audit activity revealing tax errors in procurement

The Benefits of a Tax Engine

◦ Reduced time spent on tax research and content maintenance
◦ Automation of consistent tax coding for a reliable, repeatable AP process
◦ Improved tax accuracy resulting in reduced audit risk
◦ Centralised and scalable tax operation using a single tax engine that can support sales and purchasing

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Procurement podcast series

Still haven't cracked the code on indirect tax and procurement? Let us help.

On Tax Today, a Vertex podcast series, host Kristin Schwabenbauer holds enlightening discussions with tax, IT, and procurement specialists focused on shaping tax in the procure-to-pay process. Tune in every week for words of wisdom to help you transform tax.

Procurement Partnerships

SAP Ariba Tax Integration for Procurement

The Vertex & SAP Ariba integration enables our joint customers to increase transparency, reduce tax-related risk, streamline the audit process, and gain invaluable insight into the tax implications.

Our integration with Ariba enables basic functions of the P2P process such as Purchase Requisition, Purchase Orders, and Invoice Verification to be tightly knit into the tax process in order to manage tax liability and stay compliant with global tax regulations.


Coupa Tax integration for procurement

Our partnership with Coupa provides our joint customers with improved control and visibility in the procurement process.

The integration between Coupa and Vertex supports the invoice reconciliation processes providing peace of mind with automated and more accurate tax determination.

Hear from a customer

MetLife's Assistant Vice President of Tax explains how her organisation connected their procurement system with Vertex to make better taxability decisions.

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