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Vertex Enterprise is a single-platform solution for managing all tax types—around the world and throughout the tax lifecycle. Ideal for global corporations with multiple entities and financial systems, Vertex Enterprise serves as a single data source for global tax provision, tax compliance, audit and reporting. By automating multinational tax calculations, it accelerates the financial close process. And through data and process standardization, it helps reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Tax Data Management

The Vertex Tax Data Warehouse brings all financial data from general ledger systems around the world—including cost centers, sub-ledgers, journal entries, and transactions—into a single repository that's formatted specifically for your global tax solution needs. It lets you automate most calculations, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual spreadsheets. And it allows you to store all global tax data for all open tax years in one place that's auditable and secure.

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Provision & Compliance

Vertex Tax Accounting is a multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi-year solution that helps reduce risk while improving the speed, control, and accuracy of provision-related processes. It's the first tax provision solution that ties directly back to your ERP's general ledger.

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Audit Support

Eliminate the endless requests from taxing authorities around the world—all seeking help to align your general ledger systems to your work papers. With Vertex Tax Solution Enterprise, it's all connected.

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Modeling and Tax Planning

Vertex Enterprise delivers the detailed data you need for sophisticated multinational tax modeling. Test a global tax strategy that involves shifting revenues and assets among foreign subsidiaries to determine potential savings. Or explore how the acquisition of a new business would affect overall tax liabilities. Such capabilities can help you deliver substantial bottom-line results—while raising the profile of the tax function within your organization.

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BEPS: Planning for the Impact

BEPS: Planning for the Impact

Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting is one of the most critical elements of BEPS Action 13 - Re-examining Transfer Pricing, and is likely to be widely adopted by many countries.

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Presenting Vertex Enterprise

Introducing a single-platform solution to enable tax executives to proactively manage through the changing needs of a global corporation.