Vertex Enterprise

Vertex Enterprise allows your organization to discover what is Tax Possible.

It provides a single, unified Tax Performance Management platform that combines all the data, tax applications, and analytics needed to manage income, transaction, and other critical tax activities on a global scale.

Vertex Enterprise can serve both income and transaction tax functions, and powers every phase of the tax lifecycle – including planning, provision/accounting, compliance, and audit. It converts data from financial reporting into tax-ready formats, enriched by Vertex global tax content, and consolidated by accounting standard and currency.

As a result, it enables your corporation to collect, harmonize, transform and access the massive amounts of data required to maximize efficiencies and the strategic contribution of your tax team.

Tax Data Management

For years, tax professionals have used spreadsheets and manual processes to manage their tax data, which comes from an array of disparate sources. The Vertex Tax Performance Engine puts Tax in command of its own data. It allows you to unify, validate, enrich, and access the massive amounts of global data your tax department needs. And, it supports multiple currencies and accounting ledgers.

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Data Sources & Connectors

Vertex Enterprise extracts all necessary accounting and transaction details into a single repository. From there, data can be tax-sensitized using standardized processes, and then exported to multiple tax applications and reporting packages.

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Thanks to its open architecture, Vertex Enterprise imports data from virtually any source – and exports data to provision and compliance applications, whether from Vertex or other providers.

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Tax-sensitized data can be leveraged through built-in reporting and analytics capabilities, or by using third-party commercial tools – including those provided by our alliance partners.

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Open Architecture

Based on open standards, Vertex Enterprise integrates with existing data sources, applications, and analytics – protecting your technology investment well into the future.

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BEPS: Planning for the Impact

BEPS: Planning for the Impact

Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting is one of the most critical elements of BEPS Action 13 - Re-examining Transfer Pricing, and is likely to be widely adopted by many countries.


Vertex Enterprise. Tax Possible.

Now, for the first time, tax is in command of its own data.

The Vertex Enterprise Solution

Vertex Enterprise is a single platform that unifies the data, tax applications and analytics to manage all tax activities on a global scale.