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E-Commerce Sales Taxing Your Compliance and Financial Systems?

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Vertex® Indirect Tax for Retail

Retailers face extreme challenges in their efforts to comply with increasingly complex state and local tax regulations, such as:

  • Difficulties inherent in managing the taxability of multi-channel transactions
  • Exposure to audits often experienced by high-volume transaction businesses
  • Coverage for unique compliance requirements associated with jurisdictional special tax rates and rules
  • Remaining compliant in the face of growth and market expansion through mergers and acquisitions

As a result, retailers require a tax automation solution that will deliver centralized tax uniformity and compliance protection from audit risk.

Vertex Retail solutions have been specifically designed to enable retailers to centralize the management of tax transactions, whether in-store, online or worldwide and never again need to question if their taxation across all channels is uniform and accurate.


  • Multi-channel, end-to-end, comprehensive centralized indirect tax solution
  • Solution built on a scalable, web-based, service-oriented architecture offering seamless integration with all retail point-of-sale (POS) systems, whether legacy or new.
  • Ability to connect all operations that support your product sales and services, such as back office, store front, procurement and asset transfers.
  • Acquiring unmatched data content - updated monthly with the latest jurisdictional standard tax rates, rules, and exceptions
  • Flexibility to choose the automation option best suited for your retail environment
  • Assurance with compliance for the technology standards set by the Association of Retail Tax Standards (ARTS).


  • Achieve the highest level of tax compliance at a greatly reduced cost over your current solution
  • Substantially reduce audit exposure and associated need for high cash reserves to cover penalties or class action lawsuits
  • Minimize implementation costs due to compatibility with any POS, eCommerce or back office system
  • Keep your critical operations up and running at all times – enabling you to run a more efficient tax department with built-in safeguards
  • Consistently comply with tax holidays, tiered taxes, thresholds, bracket taxes, and more
  • Effectively manage retail tax complexities, including store returns from another jurisdiction, send sales, store-within-a-store merchandising, and Internet purchases returned in-store
  • Gain greater compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley due to centralized tax results, activity and security logs, and SAS 70 certified data all of which supports the required process documentation procedures
  • Free up your tax department to focus on higher value activities which yield immediate bottom line improvements with automation
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