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The Vertex Leadership Team includes the Corporate Leadership Team, which establishes Vertex's long-term growth strategies and manages operational execution, and the Board of Directors, which provides corporate governance and oversight.

Barb Dyson

Vice President, Human Resources

Barb Dyson is Vice President of Human Resources. With over 20 years of leadership and Human Resources experience, Barb has significant expertise in full life cycle talent strategies including recruitment, total rewards, performance management and employee relations, talent and leadership development, career planning and change management.

In her current role, Barb stewards the Organization and Workforce Strategy team focusing on organizational and talent strategies to attract, develop, reward and retain the talent needed to deliver value to our customers. In addition, she is an integral member of the Internal Strategy Team responsible for developing the strategies and programs that guide structure, processes, people and systems capability development across the organization.  

Barb holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Widener University and has achieved Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Human Resources Mid-Market Council sponsored by the Conference Board. Barb currently serves on the Delaware County Regional Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern PA.

Jeff Westphal

President, CEO and Co-Owner, Vertex Inc.

Jeff had a career in advertising before joining Vertex as its 29th employee in 1988 as Director of Marketing. He worked in a variety of successive roles ultimately becoming President in 1996 and Chief Executive Officer in 2001.
During his tenure, the company has developed and brought to market three generations of tax solutions for U.S. and global corporations, most notably Vertex® Sales Tax Q Series®, Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series® and the addition of corporate income tax to the solution portfolio through acquisition of the Tax Technology Enterprises group within Arthur Andersen. 
Jeff led the company during the development of its Consulting and Managed Services businesses as well as its global expansion to Europe, Asia and South America. Finally, Jeff has championed the development of Vertex® Enterprise, the first truly global platform for comprehensive tax data and process management, as well as the recent entry in the midsize business market through the launch of Vertex® SMB.
Jeff is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation® and is former Chairperson of the Mid-Market CEO Council of the Conference Board. He speaks frequently to business audiences on the topic of strategic business culture and the role of values, mission and vision in leadership. Jeff has served the community as Board Chairman of Open Connections Inc., an educational resource center serving the self-directed learning community and was co-founder along with his wife Jenifer, of Kyle's Treehouse, Inc., an online resource for families touched by autism.

David DeStefano

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Finance

As Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance, David DeStefano is responsible for leading the development of the financial strategy to support the business, including investment strategies and five-year financial plans. David and his team also handle financial budgeting, planning, analysis, reporting, audit, and tax compliance for Vertex, as well as all risk management, SAS 70 audits, payroll, collections, and treasury responsibilities.

As a member of the company's Business Strategy Team, David is actively involved in creating Vertex’s core strategic direction and the underlying Tax Performance Management strategy. He is also the steward of the income tax market strategy team.

David joined Vertex in 1999 and holds a BS from Lehigh University.

John M. Ferraioli

Executive Vice President

John "Jack" Ferraioli is Executive Vice President, Customer Relationship Development (CRD). In this role, he is responsible for sales, consulting, account services, and strategic alliances. 

Jack joined Vertex in 1994 as Director of Strategic Alliances, leading Vertex’s efforts to establish partnerships with the major ERP software vendors. He is a member of Vertex's Business Strategy Team, CLT Budget Sub-team, and the Vertex Exchange Planning team. He also stewards Vertex's strategy around partners, allies, and suppliers.

Jack holds a BS in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Villanova University.

David Henkin

Vice President, Managed Services and General Manager of Vertex SMB

David is Vice President of Vertex Managed Services and General Manager of Vertex SMB. Vertex opened its Transaction Tax Returns Processing Center in Naperville, Illinois in July 2008, which includes outsourcing and business development of Vertex’s tax processing returns operation. David and the Returns Processing Center staff manage monthly transaction tax compliance activities for Vertex clients utilizing a comprehensive suite of tax software and consulting services. In 2014, Vertex launched its Vertex SMB offering to mid-market ERPs and eCommerce platforms.

In addition to managing Vertex SMB and indirect tax returns operations, David leads the managed services and outsourcing relationship development efforts, which includes working closely with client sales, marketing, and financial executives to help build and optimize their business processes.

David received his M.B.A. from Villanova University, his M.A. from the City College of the City University of New York, and his B.S. from the University of Maryland. He also has extensive Six Sigma Training as an Executive Sponsor, Master Black Belt, Black Belt, and Green Belt. David joined Vertex in December 2008.

A noted author of the book, "Conversation Innovation: A Corporate Fable on Leadership, Coaching and the Power of Conversations," David is also an Adjunct Faculty member at Villanova University School of Business, and a teacher and coach for senior executives who are Villanova students and alumni.

Gerry Hurley

Senior Vice President, Opportunity Management

Gerry is Senior Vice President of Opportunity Management and provides leadership and guidance to colleagues in product management, market intelligence, emerging business models, partners and alliances, data management, and services marketing.

Gerry's responsibilities revolve around setting strategy for in-market products and services; leading the process of gathering, analyzing, and communicating information about Vertex’s markets; and developing strategies for emerging business models. In addition, Gerry's team develops Vertex’s data management and services strategy in collaboration with the appropriate teams.

Gerry joined Vertex in 1993 and is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University, where he earned a BS in Accounting.

Chris Kohl

Vice President, Corporate Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

As Vice President, Corporate Technology and CIO, Chris Kohl works with leaders across the company to drive business success through appropriate application of technology, systems, and process improvements.

Chris is responsible for Vertex's technology infrastructure and internal systems. Since joining the company in 2003, he has transformed the IT organization from back-office function to strategic contributor. He also provides executive leadership to the Facilities and Real Estate functions within Vertex.

Prior to Vertex, Chris held multiple IT positions in Fortune 1000 companies. He also had a successful tenure as an independent consultant working with healthcare and financial services organizations on strategic IT realignments.

Chris is an active member of the CIO Executive Council, a global professional organization of 500+ CIOs focused on delivering business value through IT. He holds an MBA from Villanova University and a BS from Drexel University.

Steve Richard

Vice President, Product Support

Steve Richard is Vice President, Product Support and leads Vertex's customer support, documentation, and training functions. As head of Product Support, he is also responsible for ensuring customer retention and long-term loyalty. Steve's team achieves this by focusing closely on customer satisfaction and measuring the ability to meet customers’ expectations of the Vertex value proposition.

Steve joined Vertex in 1999 and holds a BS from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Alex Smith

Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs

Alex Smith serves as Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs, leading the company's branding, marketing communications, and corporate communications, as well as government and community relations. As part of Vertex's executive management team, Alex is an active member in the areas of business strategy development, as well as corporate policy and governance. Alex also stewards the Vertex Structure and Design Team, charged with developing the high-level organizational structure and process to enable Vertex’s business direction.

Prior to joining Vertex, Alex worked in public relations and journalism, winning multiple Virginia Press Association Awards and the prestigious SJ Talucci Total Quality Leadership Award sponsored by Rohm and Haas. He recently received the Journal of Accountancy’s Ad Q Advertising Award and a Rebrand 100 Award for leading Vertex’s rebranding effort in 2004.

John Viglione

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, John Viglione is responsible for the technology and architecture direction of all of Vertex’s products, including assuring alignment with Vertex’s corporate strategy. Since joining the company in 1998, John has been responsible for multiple initiatives, including transitioning Vertex’s legacy internal systems to a modern ERP-driven environment.

In addition to serving as a member of Vertex’s Business Strategy Team, John is responsible for Vertex’s leadership in multiple industry standards organizations related to the technology, financial, and tax industry.

Prior to joining Vertex, John served for more than 15 years within Fortune 500 companies, focusing on comprehensive enterprise IT initiatives. He earned a BS from St. Joseph’s University and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University.

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