Solving VAT: Challenges for IT, Finance and Tax Teams

The Need for Better Integration, Compliance and Visibility
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In depth research into the real VAT challenges facing tax, finance and IT teams across Europe. Download your copy today. 

VAT determination has always been a challenging part of doing international business for many departments not just in finance. However, just how challenging that complexity is, depends on if you’re a decision maker in the finance, tax or IT department.

This disconnect, we’ve repeatedly seen when consulting with European organisations looking to address lack of meaningful insight with their native ERP tax solution, clear view of tax obligations and exposure or how to respond quickly to business opportunities. It raises the question, is your current indirect tax solution right for your business?

Report: Solving VAT: Challenges for Tax, Finance and IT teams

Download our comprehensive report where we take a deep dive into how finance teams currently address their VAT obligations. It then covers how that approach realistically meets the company’s true and future needs, and the daily challenges finance teams experience when grabbling with improving efficiencies, delivering results at speed and driving operational costs down.

Highlights for finance executives

  • Current approaches and the variety of solutions used by tax teams extracting meaningful data from their ERP systems
  • Pros and cons of current VAT approaches vs delivering to support the changing business needs
  • The future and what automated VAT technology features tax departments are calling out for

This is a vital report for anyone who is responsible for future investment that bring their VAT requirements under control and is crucial to bring the three key departments together on the same page.

(98%) of finance respondents report that their business is currently facing several challenges around VAT. Accounts payable represented (29%) and/or accounts receivable (24%) VAT determination.

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Solving VAT: Challenges for IT, Finance and Tax teams’ 2021

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