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Grid Layout for various content display options used in the layout of page content.


The 12-column grid is used to provide versitility to the display of elements and components within the content region. Regardless of the combination of columns, a consistent grid gutter is used to evenly space elements in rows.


There are several different types of grid layouts that are used in various instances. The maxinum number of grid columns is 12. The grid elements can be placed in any order, so long as it adds up to exactly 12.

.col-sm-10 .col-sm-offset-1
.col-sm-5 .col-sm-push-1
.col-sm-5 .col-sm-push-1
.col-sm-7 .col-sm-push-1
.col-sm-3 .col-sm-push-1
.col-sm-3 .col-sm-push-1
.col-sm-7 .col-sm-push-1
.col-sm-6 .col-sm-offset-3