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Displays a condensed list of content with specific titles and descriptions grouped together. All accordion panels are closed by default - expanding when the user clicks one of the accordion section titles.


  • An accordion can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the entire header area or plus/minus icon.
  • Users may have multiple accordions open at once.


Accordions deliver large amounts of content in a small space through progressive disclosure, and work especially well whenever vertical space is at premium. All accordion panels are closed by default – expanding when the user clicks one of the accordion section titles.

This accordion comes with a configuration attribute, data-accordion-config-single that enables you to decide whether you want the accordion panel siblings to close or remain opened when selecting another panel. The example above is set to true.

Labelling Expectations

  • Each accordion header title is contained in an element with role="button".
  • If the accordion panel is visible, the header button element should have aria-expanded set to true. If the panel is not visible, aria-expanded is set to false.

Focus Expectations

  • Headers should have visible keyboard focus state
  • All keyboard interactions relate to when headers are focused
  • Tab = Move to next focusable element
  • Enter or Space = Expand/Collapse Panel
  • Shift + Tab = Move to previous focusable element
  • = Cycle headers when header focused
  • Control + Option = Navigate through accordion content with screen reader

Screen Reader Expectations

When interacting with accordions, screen readers should announce the following information:

  • Headers
  • Button (or other actionable element)
  • Current state of Button - expanded or collapsed
  • Panel content will be read if navigated to

Tab Order Expectations

When navigating through an accordion, the following tab order is expected:

  1. The next tab keypress will advance to the next Header text.
  2. When expanded and focused, all focusable elements inside the Accordion Panel are included in the tab order.

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