Styled List

SCSS Location: /styles/scss/partial/_lists.scss
  • Status: Design
  • Status: Development
  • Status: Documentation


For display of a 2-Column Bulleted List.


  • A graphical element will appear with every list item for emphasis.
  • List items fill from left to right.
  • A content editor can add bold text for emphasis where desired.
  • The maximum recommended number of items in a styled list is 10. If there is an odd number of items, the last item will fall in the left column.
  • On mobile, the list will stack in one column.
  • On desktop, the list will display in two columns.


A bulleted list which can appear on lower-level pages at 2/3 page-width.

  • Recommended character count limit per section: 25 - 45.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We create a collaborative work environment.
  • We deliver outstanding performance.
  • We embrace innovation in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • We thrive on having a friendly and fun work environment.
  • Odd numbers of items will stay to the left.