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If you are a small to medium-sized business looking for a sales and use tax automation solution designed to save time, effort, and risk associated with calculation, return, remittance, and compliance then you need Vertex SMB. 


Built on industry-leading Vertex software, Vertex SMB offers a sales and use tax solution for small to medium-sized businesses that integrates directly with leading ecommerce platforms and mid-market ERP systems. 

Vertex® SMB TaxCentral is a cloud-based, scalable solution that allows customers to manage complex sales and use tax across multiple jurisdictions and states. Vertex SMB runs on a pay-as-you-go pricing model with no upfront fees, and provides tax calculations and returns in one comprehensive solution, resulting in signature-ready PDF returns at no additional charge. 

Vertex SMB is the Preferred Partner Solution of, an AICPA company, in the area of sales tax automation. They are part of’s Partner Solutions, a lineup of best-in-class tools and services that CPA firms can offer clients seeking business efficiency, flexibility, and better financial insight into their operations.

Service Levels

Vertex SMB features three service levels and a unique pricing mode where the customer is billed for actual usage per month. 

  • Standard: Offers downloadable rate files and online rate file calculations for users who want access to sales tax rates in their native environment. 
  • Professional: Offers tax calculations and signature-ready PDF returns. This also includes product-specific rules and exemption certificates for users who want to be able to leverage resources in their native environment in an easy-to-understand, self-service portal that includes downloadable rate files, online rate file calculation, and certificate storage features.
  • Premium: Offers all of the Professional level services, but also includes the added benefit of Vertex SMB filing returns and remitting payment on the customer’s behalf. 


Vertex SMB combines innovative tools, up-to-date tax content, and an intuitive interface to enable the following benefits:

  • Reduced time and effort to perform sales and use tax calculations;
  • Greater accuracy of calculations, returns, and compliance data;
  • Scalability to meet businesses’ changing sales and use tax requirements;
  • Lower total cost of ownership and faster time-to-value with a cloud deployment; and
  • Reduced risk with the backing of a proven market leader in tax technology.
Additional Information

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