Vertex 24x7 Fee-Based After Hours Support Registration

By providing the following information and agreeing to the terms and conditions of Vertex 24x7 Emergency Support, you will receive 24x7 Emergency Support (“Enhanced Support”) from Vertex product support personnel.

Please refer to the terms and conditions for a description of these services and and their related costs. Once you provide the information below and have read and agreed to the terms and conditions by checking the box below, a notification will be sent to a Vertex Product Support Representative who will contact the Primary Contact identified below within sixty (60) minutes of your submission of this registration page.

Please note: a flat fee and per call fee will be charged to use this service. If you are looking for standard support during normal support hours (8:15 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding business holidays), please submit an Online Request form or call us at 800.281.1900 for transaction tax or 800.635.1120 for income tax.

If you do not know your customer number, please submit a request.

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