Tax Data Management

Executive summary
  • ​The Vertex Tax Performance Engine unifies, validates, and enriches all the financial data needed for the corporate tax lifecycle at a single source
  • Leverage a single harmonized source of tax-ready data for all applications across the corporate tax lifecycle
  • Access archived data at any stage, drill back to source data
  • Improved accuracy, streamlined processes, enhanced reporting

At the heart of the Vertex Enterprise tax platform is the Vertex Tax Performance Engine which leverages advanced data connectors to centralize and aggregate all of the diverse data sources that exist in an organization. Data is unified, validated, and enriched according to tax needs creating a single source of tax-ready data to power the end-to-end tax lifecycle, for all tax types.

Vertex Enterprise Global Tax Service

  • Imports data from hundreds of sources – and exports data to multiple tax applications and reporting/analytics tools
  • Supports multiple currencies and accounting ledgers
  • Stores current and historical financial data from accounting systems
  • Extract raw financial and transaction data for tax purposes
  • Validate and reconcile data before leveraging it for tax purposes
  • Capture data from the general ledger by entity and subledger, including the underlying detailed transactions as desired
  • Automate complex, repeatable processes, including book/tax differences for all jurisdictions, state apportionment factors, and earnings and profit calculations
  • Group legal entities by tax jurisdiction
  • Support a clear audit trail back to financial system data
  • Streamline key functions across the tax lifecycle while eliminating redundancies
  • Expose data for review and enrichment by subject matter experts at appropriate times and in controlled environments
Associated Solutions
CbC Reporting
Create CbCR disclosures in the formats required by each country. Use powerful data management tools to reconcile data to source financial systems, local returns, and other reports to prepare for audits.
Tax Accounting
This global provision solution is a strong foundation for effective tax planning - and the first to align financial and tax reporting.
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Vertex Enterprise. Tax Possible.

Now, for the first time, tax is in command of its own data.

Vertex Tax Accounting

A multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-year solution that leverages a single source of data for the end-to-end tax lifecycle.

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