Manage your global income tax provision from a single set of workpapers. View multiple ledgers, years, and currencies in a single view.

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Main Features

Automated Data Collection

Collect, consolidate, and standardize data from multiple disparate data sources, even spreadsheets.

Data Visibility

View multiple ledgers, years, GAAPs, and currencies in a single view. Trace every data cell back to the transaction-level without changing the source system.

Flexible Reporting

Generate reports easily and quickly for compliance and audit. Improve performance and reduce administrative work.

Manage Reconciliations

Import your tax journal entries back to your source system.

More Great Features

Integration with Your Financial Systems

Integrate easily to your ERP, e-commerce platform, procurement or financial systems.

Implementation & Support

Knowledgeable support every step of the way – from registration to implementation to user help. 

Reduce Manual Processes & Errors

Automate and standardize time-consuming manual processes to reduce risk. 

Single Source of Tax-Ready Data

Leverage a single set of data for all tax processes – always tax-sensitized, always accurate.

Global Collaboration

Tax departments worldwide all leverage a single system with a common set of data.

Hear From Our Customers

Learn how companies of every size and every industry trust our solutions to calculate tax, manage compliance, and leverage data to grow their business.

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