Vertex Exemption Certificate Outsourcing

Leverage services providing your business with a streamlined and low-touch process to manage tax exemption certificates.

Exemption certificates are one of the leading causes of audit penalties. Yet many companies aren’t aware of missing or invalid certificates until after the audit. Staying on top of certificates can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and can leave your business focusing on paperwork, not tax work.

We offer services to validate the exemption certificates you have and collect the ones you need. It’s an ideal first step before loading old certificates into a new ECM system, or when conducting a state-specific project to prepare for an audit. You can engage Vertex for any of these services, at any time, and as often as needed. So, there’s no reason to get caught without the certificates you need.


  • Reduce tax exposure and penalties, through the validation of exemption certificates, identification of missing, invalid, or expired certificates.

  • Improve tax compliance through the collection of missing or expired exemption certificates.

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