Tax Accounting

Executive summary
  • Multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi-year solution
  • Greater accuracy in provision, compliance, audit defense, and planning 
  • Full tax transparency through enterprise-level business intelligence tools 
  • Deep integration and alignment of corporate tax to management and financial reporting
  • Advanced global tax accounting, modeling and reporting capabilities

Vertex Tax Accounting is the first tax accounting software and provision solution designed and built to handle the volume, complexity, and speed required by today's global tax department. This breakthrough technology, which integrates with Vertex Enterprise, improves provision accuracy and also enables tax to proactively contribute to overall business performance.

And because it's based on a service-oriented and highly scalable back-end architecture, it supports as many simultaneous users as you need to support worldwide—providing the opportunity for true collaboration.

Provisioning will be much faster, more efficient, and more accurate thanks to automation, workflow-based process controls, and instant access to centralized tax data that goes back multiple years. 

  • Offers a multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi-year solution that interfaces with your general ledger
  • Supports collection, management, and enterprise-wide analysis of the data needed to support local, national, and global reporting
  • Calculates tax-accounting impact of prior-year adjustments
  • Provides built-in, automated tax account reconciliation and reporting process
  • Aligns tax sub-ledger system with your ERP applications
  • Achieve greater transparency across finance, accounting, and tax
  • Reduce risk while making provision-related processes faster and more controlled
  • Deliver greater accuracy in provision, compliance, audit defense, and planning
  • Improve data integrity while supporting strong internal controls and auditability
  • Become IT independent—eliminating IT charge backs and delayed installations
  • Drive greater value to the company with advanced modeling and reporting capabilities
Associated Solutions
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CbC Reporting
Create CbCR disclosures in the formats required by each country. Use powerful data management tools to reconcile data to source financial systems, local returns, and other reports to prepare for audits.
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A multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-year solution that leverages a single source of data for the end-to-end tax lifecycle.

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