Exemption Certificate Outsourcing

Executive summary
  • Alleviate the time-consuming and error-prone tasks of tax exemption certificate validation, renewal, and collection.
  • Free your in-house resources to focus on more value-driven work.
  • Improve audit performance.

Outsource the administrative tasks of collecting, validating, and renewing tax exemption certificates to an experienced tax service provider so you can re-focus your time on more value-driven tax work.

Vertex offers three services to help you manage exemption certificates and improve audit performance. Engage us at any time to perform one, two, or all three services depending on your needs.

The Certificate Validation Service validates your existing certificates so you know which ones are invalid, expired, or missing.

The Certificate Collection Service includes three attempts to contact the customers you identify to collect certificates. Vertex also validates the collected certificates and provides a Certificate Validation Report identifying certificates that are still invalid, expired, or missing.

With the Certificate Storage Service, Vertex stores all of your certificate PDFs and provides you with online access to search, download, and run basic reports to facilitate audit preparation.

Validation and collection services to validate the certificates you have and collect what’s missing, invalid, or expired.

  • Validation of supplied tax exemption certificates to identify expired, invalid, or missing certificates.
  • Collection of expired, invalid, or missing certificates, including three contact attempts and validation of collected certificates.
  • Storage of all exemption certificates with online access to search, download, and run basic reports.
  • Offset the hassle, but stay in control
  • Focus in-house resources on higher-value activity
  • Improve audit performance, reduce risk, improve visibility
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Best Practices for Certificate Mgt

Learn about the right people, processes, and technology to reduce the risk from mismanaged exemption certificates.

Missing exemption certificates?

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Exemption Certificate Outsourcing

Outsourcing services to validate the certificates you have and collect what’s missing, invalid, or expired to keep you in compliance.