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Global Tax Solutions

Simplify and automate the complexity of tax determination, compliance and audit, and tax data management and analytics on VAT, GST, and other indirect tax types.

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Complex businesses need tax data that moves at the speed of your business. Vertex Tax Performance Engine unifies all tax data from hundreds of disparate sources in minutes, into a single platform that can be leveraged across all tax processes, for all tax types, on a global scale. Without cumbersome spreadsheets, or waiting for IT reports. You’ll spend less time finding data and more time putting it to work for you. With greater confidence and better control.

At the heart of the tax platform is the Vertex Tax Performance Engine which leverages advanced data connectors to centralise and aggregate all of the diverse data sources that exist in an organisation. Data is unified, validated, and enriched according to tax needs creating a single source of tax-ready data to power the end-to-end tax lifecycle, for all tax types.

It is a data management system developed specifically for tax. Providing a single source of truth, updating in real-time, with transaction-level detail just a click away. The data you require for compliance, audit, and reconciliations for both income and indirect tax. And the insight you need to make better business decisions while streamlining operations and improving control.

  • Features
    • Improve Data Accuracy
      • Leverage a single set of tax-ready data, with standardised terminology, for all your tax processes.
    • Work at the Speed of Business
      • Process a petabyte of data in minutes, not days. Spend less time manipulating data and more time reporting and analysing it.
    • Improve Your Data Visibility
      • See multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi-year data in a single view. With drilldown to transaction-level detail.
  • Benefits
    • Collect, consolidate, and transform data from hundreds of sources and multiple ERP/Financial systems, into a single set of tax-ready data
      • Use pre-built connectors to most ERP and financial systems.
      • Manage structured and unstructured data.
      • Standardise data formats and terminology regardless of source.
      • Capture and archive transaction-level detail for all data.
      • Archive every step of data transformation in “as-was” state.
      • Set up once and run data imports at whatever cadence you need.
      • Manage a petabyte of data (that’s a million gigabytes!).
    • Leverage consistent data for the end-to-end tax lifecycle for improved accuracy and reduced risk
      • Use detail-level data instead of summary data for all tax processes.
      • Tax staff around the world all access a common data set for compliance, audit, reconciliations, and planning.
      • Leverage a single set of workpapers across multiple tax processes.
      • Access real-time data using standardised terminology with transaction-level details regardless of source.
      • Automate data manipulations to reduce manual errors.
      • Improve the accuracy and consistency of addresses, taxability assignments, customer exemptions, and more.
      • Identify and address data anomalies (customer exemptions, inaccurate product/materials assignment, tax classification indicators, tax codes).
      • Identify and recover overpayments.
      • Review and validate vendor-charged taxes.
      • Archive every data element and calculation for use in downstream tax processes, with long-term storage for audit needs.
    • Gain better insight from your data to inform tax strategy and business decisions
      • See multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi-year data in a single view.
      • Access consistent data from your favorite analytics and BI tools.
      • View VAT throughput to manage cash flow.
      • Enable real-time “what-if” scenario planning.
      • Model the tax impact of business scenarios, tax planning strategies, legal entity structures, and transfer pricing, and see the impact on ETR and cash taxes.

Pain Points for Tax Departments

This European CEO video outlines the top challenges that tax departments face, and how tax technology can help with determination, compliance and audit and tax data management and analytics to meet stringent compliance regulations.