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Executive summary
  • Centralise and automate tax return preparation
  • Reduce processing time from days or weeks to just hours
  • Enhance accuracy, efficiency, and audit defence

VAT compliance is usually considered one of the biggest challenges for VAT teams across the globe.

While some countries require very little detail, and rules are relatively stable, others have stringent and frequently changing requirements turning the VAT compliance process into a time consuming and error prone task.

Vertex’s tax returns automation software, generates signature-ready returns and/or returns files ready to upload to government websites. It also provides a complete audit trail and storage of the final submitted returns together with the associated data stored within the application in the form of accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) ledgers. Automation reduces processing time significantly—all while driving higher accuracy, consistency, and compliance.

Vertex offers a variety of deployment options—including an on-demand hosted model that accelerates implementation and reduces hardware, database, and other support requirements.

  • Produce signature-ready and e-File returns and reports including Intrastats, ESLs and VAT SAF-T
  • Monthly updates to ensure compliance with the latest legislation and forms
  • Returns are presented in the country’s language and English, perfect for shared service centers
  • Integrates with your ERP or Tax Engine
  • Enhance productivity. With complete automation of the business tax returns compliance process, Vertex enables your tax department to achieve substantial improvements in speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Increases compliance across the organisation and where a shared service model is in place.
  • Improve and audit performance providing easy access to historical returns, ledgers and other important documents – all with a clear audit trail.
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VAT Returns for Compliance & Audit

Automate VAT returns to create signature-ready files for submission. Reducing the time, cost, and risk associated with manual processes.