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Vertex is an industry leader in helping tax departments around the globe, and across different industries, simplify and automate the complexity of tax determination, compliance and auditing as well as advanced tax data management and analytics on VAT, GST, and other tax types.

Vertex products and services can be deployed as individual modules or can be fully integrated with existing tax, finance and ERP systems for a fully holistic, end-to-end tax lifecycle management approach on a global scale.

All Vertex solutions are backed by more than 35 years of tax and technology expertise with strong established relationships with Oracle, SAP and other leading ERP software providers and consulting firms.

Tax Determination

Global organisations face complexity, significant work and costs associated with maintaining rates, rules, and logic for value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), and other indirect taxes. Vertex provides an advanced solution for determining taxes and calculating, collecting, and reporting on VAT and GST.

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Tax Compliance and Audit

With hundreds of forms, thousands of different tax rates and continual changes that affect your business, preparing and filing tax returns manually is complicated, time consuming, inefficient, and prone to error. Vertex solutions can automate this processes to ensure that the right forms are filled with the latest tax data for that specific country/jurisdiction. Automation allows for greater governance over compliance and traceability which is essential during the auditing process.

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Tax Data Management and Analytics

Vertex Enterprise, a groundbreaking tax management platform, unifies all tax data into a single platform that can be leveraged across all tax processes…for all tax types…on a global scale. Streamlining operations. Improving control. Providing more valuable insight. Giving the tax function the information needed to make a more strategic contribution to corporate performance.

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Navigating the US Indirect Tax Map

Learn the challenges European businesses face when transitioning from VAT management to US sales tax management, and how to overcome them.

VAT Determination

Automate VAT calculations and tax coding on all sales and purchase transactions.