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Country-by-Country Reporting

Executive summary
  • Advanced data management solution to streamline CbC compliance for global tax departments
  • Collect, harmonize, and transform worldwide business unit data to country-level data
  • Reconcile data to all necessary financial statements and returns
  • Retain full audit trail

The global tax environment is changing rapidly as countries adopt the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) recommendations. As a result, organisations are facing even more complexities around their income tax compliance process.

Vertex Country-by-Country Reporting allows organisations to collect, reconcile, and report financial and non-financial data in the format required for the CbCR template in a consistent manner across multiple country filing requirements. The solution not only generates the CbC Report, but the solution also establishes a repeatable processes, governance, and control over CbCR data.

  • Connections directly to source ERP and consolidation systems to collect the financial account data needed. Generic flat file and spreadsheet interfaces also provide a mechanism to import data from other sources as necessary (i.e., FTE or fixed asset data needed for the CbC report). 
  • Tools for the tax department to configure the conversion of worldwide business unit financial data to legal entity book income. This includes mechanisms to unify differences in accounting methods (i.e., IFRS, US GAAP, or local stat) and currencies, and then summarize and allocate by country as specifically required in the CbC template.
  • The ability to easily reconcile the form to local statutory statements, worldwide audited statements, legal entity books, local tax returns, transfer pricing documentation, and local international reporting such as U.S. Form 5471s.
  • Retention of all tax data used to prepare the CbC report, providing the ability to access any data associated with past filings, with an auditable trail of data transformations back to the source.
  • Improve efficiency by spending less time manipulating data
  • Mitigate risk through improved visibility and reporting
  • Improve governance and control over global tax data
  • Become less IT-dependent for tax reporting
  • Ensure audit readiness with data drill-back functionality 
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Vertex Country-by-Country Reporting

Streamline and simplify the data management for country-by-country reporting, while ensuring the necessary reconciliation and audit trail.