CONA Services Achieves Tax Accuracy with Vertex

Explore how CONA Services achieved consistent tax processes across their business with Vertex.

CONA Services is the IT Platform for the North American Coca-Cola bottling business. They provide the tools and data standards for the bottlers to be able to deliver, bottle, buy, sell, and do production and delivery in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

In this customer story, Susan Laughrey, Tax Process & Solutions Lead at CONA Services, illustrates what CONA did to ensure the same rules and rates were being shared by all bottlers so that the organisation could be in alignment with how standards should run across North America.

Connecting Vertex with SAP

Through our integration with SAP—the technology provider of choice at CONA Services—Susan and her team benefit from the ability to send more detailed information from SAP to Vertex, ensuring better tax decisions are made. Our technology receives detailed information including multiple packaging, multiple units of measure, and different taxability drivers to help CONA Services grow with confidence.

Benefits Achieved

One of the major benefits, Susan says, is being able to get their tax back. CONA Services extended and enhanced their tax codes so that they could pull in all the information that Vertex has available—including taxes for the beverages and the deposits. This has benefitted CONA Services and their bottlers by providing peace of mind when it comes to tax, and the confidence needed to grow and scale.

A Tax Solution for Manufacturers & Distributors

In the infographic below, we explore Industry 4.0, what it means to manufacturers, and how Vertex can help companies make tax a platform to support business growth.

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