Vertex Sales Tax Q Series for Tax

  • Online Course

This course focuses on Vertex Q Series, Vertex's client/server tax compliance system.





CPE Credits



You must be an employee of an active Vertex customer or Vertex partner company and have:

  • PC experience
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows-based products
  • Basic understanding of sales and use tax concepts
  • Basic knowledge of your company's tax reporting requirements

Course Description

This course focuses on Vertex Q Series, Vertex's client/server tax compliance system. It works with your host financial application to determine the correct tax amount by searching its databases for exceptions, the appropriate taxing jurisdiction, and the correct tax rate. Vertex Q Series then calculates the tax amount and passes this information back to the host system for invoicing. The transaction data is stored in the Register Database and is used to create audit and management reports and to prepare tax returns.

This course is also available in a classroom.

Agenda includes:

  • Product overview
  • Understanding GeoCode location coding
  • Use the Taxability Mapping Tool (TMT) to define and maintain your company's product taxability exceptions
  • Using the TDM to customize the system
  • Using the Lookup program
  • Identifying information that should be passed through the Application Programmer Interface (API)
  • Using the Register Databases utilities
  • Updating the Rate and GeoCoder databases
  • Producing audit and Register reports
  • Hands-on software demonstration

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the features and functions of Vertex Q Series
  • Use the TDM to define taxability exceptions of your customers, products, and jurisdictions in which you are registered or not registered
  • Explain the TDM hierarchy and dependencies
  • Understand how to use the Lookup program
  • Update, maintain, and view information in the Rate and GeoCoder Databases
  • Understand the purpose of the Register Database and Register Utilities
  • Produce and interpret system reports from the Reporter Utility
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