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Vertex Indirect Tax O Series - Global

This course provides instruction about using Vertex O Series to calculate value added tax and other international transaction taxes.





CPE Credits



You must be an employee of/or consultant to, a currently licensed  Vertex customer or Vertex partner and have:

  • Working knowledge of value added tax and other global tax concepts 
  • Working knowledge of your company's (or the Vertex-licensed client company's) tax reporting requirements
  • PC experience and navigational familiarity with various MS Windows Operating Systems (XP, 7 and/or Windows Server)
  • Experience using an Internet Browser (i.e., preferably IE or Chrome)

Course Description

This course provides instruction about using Vertex O Series to calculate value added tax and other international transaction taxes. The instructor-led classroom training includes group discussion and hands-on exercises. The course is designed to increase your familiarity with transaction processing as well as the tools, utilities and features of Vertex O Series and how they work with your financial system, and each other. Upon completion of this course you will be familiar with how to set up Vertex O Series to calculate value added tax and other international transaction taxes to meet your business requirements.

This course is also available online.

Agenda includes:  

  • Vertex O Series components and resources
  • Transaction Processing with the Supplies and Procurement financial events
  • Taxability Management Planning Documents
  • Vertex Central user interface
  • My Enterprise, Tax Setup, Tools, Reporting and System menus
  • Tax Area ID Lookup, Rate Lookup and Transaction Tester tools
  • Taxpayer organizational structure and global registrations
  • Customers, Vendors, Taxability Drivers and Commodity Codes
  • Taxability Categories, Taxability Analysis and Taxability Mapping 
  • Vertex and user-defined Tax Rules
  • Flexible Fields, Tax Assist Rules, Lookup Tables and Allocation Tables
  • Data Management tasks  
  • Standard Reports and Data Extract Reports (templates) 
  • System security, including Roles, Partitions, and Users 
  • System Preferences, Activity logs, Log files and About file
  • Accessing Online Help 

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • List and explain the components of Vertex O Series
  • Navigate the Vertex Central user interface
  • Describe taxability management planning documents and discuss how they can streamline tax data setup and maintenance tasks 
  • Utilize the Tools menu to look up Tax Area IDs and standard rates
  • Conduct Transaction Testing to verify tax data has been setup to achieve desired calculation results
  • Define your organizational structure and global registration requirements in My Enterprise
  • Set up tax data relevant to customers, vendors, products and services to achieve desired calculation results
  • Utilize Tax Assist Rules, Flexible Fields, Lookup Tables, and Allocation Tables to ease integration challenges and achieve desired calculation results 
  • Explain Data Management functionality to perform various data management tasks including managing calculation result data, applying the monthly update file and VIES validation
  • Generate Standard Reports and Data Extract Reports using the Reporting menu 
  • Set up and maintain System Security 
  • Discuss and execute user interface Administration activities
  • $2,996USD