Retail Tax Challenges

Now that transactions span multiple channels and jurisdictions, retailers begin to ask more of their tax departments, as they increasingly become a central function in their firm’s growth ambitions.

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As technology continues to advance at an ever-accelerating pace, so does the retail industry. Expansion into new territories and omni-channel shopping provide real opportunities for retailers to grow exponentially.

Can your tax department support expansion across multiple jurisdictions?

Are you capable of handling transactions that span multiple channels, from brick and mortar to mobile sales?

It’s important that retailers can address these questions and can navigate the many challenges they may face operating across multiple borders and both traditional and digital channels.

With the right solution in place, retailers will be able to turn challenge into opportunity and unlock the growth potential available to them.

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Every border represents risk, cost and process overhead – as well as an opportunity. Events such as the UKs departure from the EU and the Wayfair judgement in the USA introduce added complexity. These changes not only affect growth focused retailers but also impact consumers buying decisions and if retailers get it wrong, their loyalty.

As legislators play catch up to technology and look to recover lost tax, what was once already to degree complex, only continues to become more challenging. It’s essential that retailers are therefore prepared when entering new markets, so that they can grow internationally profitably and without distraction.

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HBC is a global retailer operating a large number of physical stores as well as providing an all-channel offering.

They’ve automated their entire sales tax process and freeing up their tax department, enabling them to focus on more value-added work.

Watch the video below and listen to their story.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Vertex. They’re the industry leader and they know their stuff!

Tammie Stringer
Director, Sales & Use Tax