Quarterly Exchange Webcast Q1 2020

Designed to continuously inform, educate, and engage with our customers.

Webcast Details

Hundreds of Vertex customers tuned in to hear an update on our product roadmap, including the Vertex O Series 9.0 upgrade, Service Release 1 of Vertex O Series 9.0 with Vertex Reporting and Analysis and Vertex Cloud Data Integrity, Vertex Training and a demo of the new myLearning portal, and tax trends and challenges with a special focus on State Ballot Tax.

We’re sorry you missed the webcast but you can still download the webcast recording and presentation slides at your convenience.

We strive to continuously inform, educate, and engage our customers so please email us at quarterlyexchange@vertexinc.com to submit future webcast topic ideas!

Quarterly Exchange Q1 2020 Webcast

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