Data Sources & Connectors

Executive summary
  • Vertex Enterprise imports all financial and accounting details necessary for tax into a single, harmonized platform
  • Data can be exported to multiple tax applications and reporting packages

Connectors import all ERP, sales, payroll and legal transaction details that impact tax into a single, unified platform. This data can then be imported into the Vertex Tax Performance Engine—and exported to multiple tax applications and analytics or reporting packages.

  • Takes data from any number and type of disparate sources and converts it to tax-enriched data
  • Gain greater efficiency across all tax processes
  • Leverage tax data for greater insights and more tax aware business decisions
Associated Solutions
Vertex Enterprise can extract data from virtually any source - and export to hundreds of ERP, finance, consolidation and tax applications.
Vertex Tax Performance Engine
This powerful data management technology allows you to unify, validate, enrich and access the massive amounts of global data that tax needs.
Tax-sensitized data can be leveraged through built-in reporting and analytics capabilities, or by using third-party commercial tools.
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Vertex Enterprise. Tax Possible.

Now, for the first time, tax is in command of its own data.

The Vertex Enterprise Solution

Vertex Enterprise is a single platform that unifies the data, tax applications and analytics to manage all tax activities on a global scale.