Executive summary
  • Vertex Enterprise includes reporting and analytics tools that allow you to gain deeper insight into your global tax operations
  • It harnesses data for the current period, multiple periods, and audit defense
  • It enables predictive scenarios that result in more tax-aware business decisions
  • It leverages built-in capabilities, third-party analytics solutions and in-house tools provided by IT

Vertex Enterprise gathers and harmonizes transaction data from multiple source systems and makes it available for reporting and analytics tools within Vertex Enterprise. You can also leverage external reporting, BI, and analytics tools. Now you can analyze transaction tax accuracy, VAT recovery, variances, transfer pricing margins, and compliance for both income and transaction taxes. In addition, you can harness data for analysis of the current period, multiple periods, and audit defense. Through the power of data-driven insights, your organization can engage in predictive scenarios that can result in better, more tax-aware business decisions.

  • Provides tax data for any type of planning and analysis – including deal analysis, post-acquisition analysis, credits and incentives analysis, tax law change analysis, and more
  • Make tax-aware decisions that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Analyze historical planned vs. actual results in order to refine tax planning
Associated Solutions
Open Architecture
Vertex Enterprise integrates with existing and new data sources, applications, & analytics – protecting your technology investments.
Tax Data Management
The Vertex Tax Performance Engine allows you to unify, validate, enrich and access the massive amounts of global data that tax needs.
Vertex Tax Performance Engine
This powerful data management technology allows you to unify, validate, enrich and access the massive amounts of global data that tax needs.
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Vertex Enterprise. Tax Possible.

Vertex Enterprise. Tax Possible.

Now, for the first time, tax is in command of its own data.


The Vertex Enterprise Solution

Vertex Enterprise is a single platform that unifies the data, tax applications and analytics to manage all tax activities on a global scale.