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Vertex® Sales & Use Tax Returns

Here's a few compelling reasons to consider automating your returns process with Vertex Returns. Foremost, the sheer complexity of the job – hundreds of different forms, thousands of tax rates, and tens of thousands of jurisdictions. And, they change quite frequently – hundreds each year in fact.

With this level of complexity, complying with tax law using a manual process is not only labor-intensive, it's prone to error. And, with non-compliance comes audit assessments, and often times penalties.

So, what can be gained by implementing the Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns automated solution? For starters, Vertex Returns leads to increased accuracy, which means far fewer audit assessments, and processing time you can measure in hours, not days or weeks. While that's probably enough for a pretty quick payback, read on for more benefits you will experience, or learn about our sales and use tax returns outsourcing services and let Vertex handle the returns process for you.


  • Greater Productivity: Vertex Returns completely automates the returns compliance process. And, with monthly updates compiled by our extensive Tax Research Department, your staff and tax professionals will gain much more time to dedicate to far more high-value responsibilities.
  • On-Demand or On-Site Deployments: Vertex Sales and Use Tax returns can be implemented on-site or as a hosted Software as a Service to meet the specific needs of your organization's IT infrastructure.
  • More Audits with Favorable Outcomes: Not only will you achieve greater compliance, you will be better prepared for your next audit. Vertex Returns allows for sorting of specified data so you can easily generate customized reports upon request.
  • More Effective Decision Making: With professional reporting capabilities, an electronic archive utility and a tax calendar that organizes workflow, tax managers will have access to real-time information to assist in day-to-day decisions.
  • A System that Conforms to Your Company's Unique Policies: You can easily tailor the system to accommodate your company's tax filing policies or special requirements by customizing any setting with Windows point-and-click ease.
  • A Quick and Perpetual Payback: Fewer audit assessments and penalties, far less staff time spent processing returns, no need for your tax professionals to spend time researching rate and form changes, greater department-wide productivity, and more informed decision-making will collectively contribute to a very favorable and continuous return on your investment.


  • Integration with Multiple Tax Software Systems: Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns integrates seamlessly with Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series®, Vertex® Sales Tax Q Series® and L Series® systems. In addition it simplifies the data import process from non-Vertex data calculation sources.
  • Robust, Accurate Tax Data: Populated with more than 8,900 tax rates for sales tax, sellers use tax, consumer use tax, and rental/lease tax, as well as discount, interest and penalty data. In addition, more than 60,000 county and city jurisdictions can be accessed at the click of a button through the system's rate look-up feature.
  • Report Writer: This dynamic reporting feature offers professional reporting capabilities and access to almost every data element through simple 'drag and drop' functionality.
  • Supports eFiling: Vertex Returns has the capability to create electronic return data files for upload to support eFiling option
  • Document Manager: The Document Manager eliminates unorganized, paper files with an electronic storage utility, automatically populated with time stamped, PDF versions of Vertex Returns and Payment Requests.
  • Tax Calendar: Centrally manage, automate, plan and organize workflow and responsibilities by directly populating returns filing and payment due dates from Vertex Returns onto the Tax Calendar.
  • Full Form Replication: Using proper fonts (including OCR), field formats, watermarks, shading, bar codes and other details, to ensure that all returns are readily accepted by jurisdictions throughout the United States.
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