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Indirect and Direct Corporate Taxation Resources

Vertex Tax Knowledge & Insights

Featured Resources

View some of the latest and most popular materials from our extensive collection of indirect and direct corporate taxation resources.

Tax White Papers

  • The Future of Tax Operations Part 7
    Top Tax Challenges: Reform, Reputation, Resources and More
    Bill Brennan, Chief Tax Officer at Vertex, discusses the key challenges keeping tax executives awake at night, including looming tax reform, increasing audit activity, and growing data management isssues. Read the article that appeared in Financial Executive magazine.
  • The Future of Tax Operations Part 6
    Getting Started on a Tax Data Warehouse
    Tax executives from Microsoft, Vertex, and Ernst & Young share real-world experience and guidance on starting a tax data warehouse initiative including building the business case, securing senior management sponsorship, assembling the right team, establishing a workflow and timeline, and building a budget for the first year and beyond.
  • The Future of Tax Operations Part 5
    Understanding the New Claims About Tax Data Warehouses
    Ventana Research and Vertex provide guidance on evaluating the various tax data warehouse options in the marketplace. The article includes a clear explanation of how each option works, and offers an analysis of each one according to five measurements: doability, affordability, usability, integratable and maintainability.
  • Foreign Tax Provision: Managing the Risk
    Learn how to navigate the complexities of the foreign tax provision process from industry experts at Edwards Lifesciences, KPMG and Vertex.
  • Improving Tax Department Efficiency through Returns Outsourcing
    PC Connection utilizes Vertex® Returns Outsourcing to focus on strategic, value-adding initiatives

    If you are researching the possibility of outsourcing your sales & use tax returns process, this paper provides specific efficiency gains that resulted from the decision at PC Connection to outsource its returns process, the second time around. Through PC Connection's insight, you will gain an inside look at their decision-making process that improved a cumbersome returns process and created a streamlined approach for compliance.
  • The Commercial Tax Data Warehouse
    - The Commercial Tax Data Warehouse: the IT Perspective
    - The Commercial Tax Data Warehouse: the Finance Perspective
    This paper explores the topic of tax data warehousing including a discussion of the "build vs. buy" decision, the design and functionality requirements of a Tax Data Warehouse, and the inter-related roles of IT, Finance, and Tax.
  • Next-Generation Tax Provision Software: What's In It For You?
    This paper provides information about the fundamentals and benefits of next-generation tax provision software solutions. It includes lessons learned from early provision tools - including the hidden risks associated with using these tools - and what tax professionals need in next-generation solutions.
  • The Future of Tax Operations, Part 4
    Restructuring Data Management Resources
    Vertex and tax executives from Transamerica and US Bank discuss real-world strategies for improving tax data management from a "people" and "process" perspective.
  • The Future of Tax Operations, Part 3
    Taking the First Step to Tax Transformation
    This paper explores how to get started on a tax transformation initiative including building a business case, a budget, and a team. You'll learn from insight and guidance from Ernst & Young, and Deloitte.
  • The Future of Tax Operations, Part 2
    Next Best Practices in Tax Operations: This paper explores the next best practices in corporate tax operations that will break down the barriers between Tax and Finance.
  • The Future of Tax Operations, Part I
    No Place to Hide: Preparing for Global Hyper-regulation in the Corporate Tax Department: This paper, which focuses on hyper-regulatory trends and their impact on tax operations, is focused on helping you anticipate and stay ahead of an unprecedented barrage of global tax and regulatory changes occurring at an historic pace.
  • Caterpillar's Strategy for World-Class Value Added Tax Management
    Industry experts from Caterpillar and Vertex offer insight on managing Value Added Tax around the world, including the process they implemented and their vision to transform into a world-class Value Added Tax leader.
  • New Software Platforms for Global Tax Management
    Financial Executive magazine quotes Vertex's Bob Norton about emerging technology to bring Tax on par with Finance.
  • Starbucks and Vertex: A Tax Success Story
    Members of the Starbucks Tax team explore how they alleviated pain points and realized company-wide financial and process benefits through Vertex® Indirect Tax O Series®.
  • Retail Tax and E-Commerce: What You Need to Know
    Director of Vertex's Retail Solutions John Cowan addresses what retailers need to know when evaluating different vendor products and how retailers should start preparing today in order to ensure accurate collection and compliance.
  • Vertex® Consumer Use Tax O Series® and Oracle eBusiness Tax
    Integrating to Ensure Consumer Use Tax Compliance
    Principal of Vertex's Oracle tax practice Dave Homiak, discusses how Oracle eBTax with Vertex Consumer Use Tax O Series provides clients with the depth of tools and data necessary to confidently compute CUT, ensure compliance and reduce risk for companies.
  • Tax Industry Calls for Improved Data Management
    Industry Survey Reveals Data Management is Lynchpin of Tax Process Improvement: This article reviews survey results surrounding tax process issues, and probes deeper into the specific challenge of tax data management.

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